Your Trusted Guide to Web3's Premier Apps and Tools.

Why not create a swanky platform where both the web3 wizards and the "hey, what's a smart contract?" crowd can find their way? Enter Web3xplorer. It's not just any platform; think of it as your trusty web3 Swiss Army knife.

Explore apps and tools from centralized finance, decentralized finance, NFTs, DAOs, infrastructure, and more.

Started Building Web3xplorer

Recognizing the need for a user-friendly platform, we embarked on creating a responsive web app in October as a solution to discover new apps and tools without constantly scrolling through Twitter.

Secured Optimism Grant

Our hard work and vision for Web3xplorer caught the attention of Optimism, resulting in us securing a grant to further our mission.

Listed Over 750 Apps and Tools

By August, our platform grew rapidly, boasting a collection of over 750 top-notch web3 apps and tools, streamlining the discovery process for enthusiasts everywhere.

Launched Blog Article Series

Committed to educating the masses, we kickstarted a series of blog articles in September, aiming to shed light on various web3 topics and trends.

Meet the team behind Web3xplorer

Web3xplorer was born from pure passion. We've been riding the web3 and digital assets wave since 2017, and man, what a journey! Through the highs, lows, and wild turns, we noticed something - everyone, from our buddies to our parents, was trying to find their way around this new digital frontier. That's when the light bulb went off! 💡

  • Maxime Servais profile
    Maxime Servais

    Software Developer

    Ex-PwC tech consultant and Bizz Dev at The Smurfs' Society. Now building Web3xplorer full-time thanks to his experience with React/NextJS, NodeJS application development, and system administration.

  • Antoine Sparenberg profile
    Antoine Sparenberg

    Ecosystem Lead @Argent

    Previously a management consultant in telecoms, PMO at Anheuser-Busch InBev and Bizz Dev at The Smurfs’ Society. Now serves as Ecosystem Lead at Argent wallet. Antoine is responsible for sourcing and vetting content for Web3xplorer.

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