Tenderize Overview

Decentralized Finance
What is Tenderize?

A liquid staking protocol where users can stake cryptocurrencies to receive staking rewards without locking their deposit or actively managing their investment. Users can earn compounding staking rewards, swap tenderTokens for the underlying asset, and earn liquidity farming rewards. Users get tenderToken, a 1:1 ERC-20 derivative of the underlying deposit, which can be freely traded on decentralized exchanges or used in DeFi apps. Tenderize currently accepts MATIC, GRT, LPT, and AUDIO deposits and crossed 1M+ in total value locked during September 2022.

Main Features
Mint validator-specific liquid staked MATIC, GRT or LPT
Earn native staking rewards with liquid staked tokens (LSTs)
Use liquid staked tokens (LSTs) in DeFi apps
Swap tTokens instantly on TenderSwap
Unstake assets and yield 1:1 by waiting the unlock period

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