Starksheet Overview

Games & Metaverse
What is Starksheet?

Starksheet is a decentralized application that transforms the familiar spreadsheet interface into a powerful tool for interacting with blockchain data. It leverages the ERC721 standard for on-chain data management, ensuring that each piece of data or logic—represented as an NFT—is owned and controlled by the user. Starksheet allows for seamless integration of on-chain resources, offering a collaborative platform for decentralized data manipulation and model creation.

Main Features
Smart Contract Integration: Utilizes a set of smart contracts on Starknet, enabling each data input by the user to be stored as an NFT.
Decentralized Data Ownership: Each NFT represents a dynamic unit of compute that can interact with any on-chain resource, allowing users to have true ownership of their part in the model.
Collaborative Environment: NFT ownership facilitates collaborative work, with users responsible for their contributions to the shared model.
Spreadsheet-like Interface: Provides an intuitive, spreadsheet-like experience for creating models and managing data, making on-chain data accessible to the average user.
Advanced Data Linking: Enables cell linking and complex functions, turning spreadsheets into a transaction builder without users needing to understand the underlying graph multicall.