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Rango Overview

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What is Rango?

Rango is a cross-chain exchange that offers a seamless, secure, and efficient solution for interoperability between over 50 blockchain networks. It is designed to enhance user experience in the DeFi space with a focus on simplicity and security.

Rango positions itself as the ultimate cross-chain solution, propelling the DeFi ecosystem with advanced message passing and an extensive network of integrations, all while maintaining a user-centric approach.

Main Features
DEXs/Bridges: Access to the highest swap liquidity with over 100 DEXs and bridges integrated, ensuring users can always find the best rates.
Message Passing: Facilitates the transfer of messages across different chains, expanding the possibilities for inter-chain communication.
Routing System: Employs a smart routing system to find the most efficient swap routes for token conversion.
Efficiency: Optimized fees and a high liquidity pool for better pricing than centralized exchanges.
User-Centric: Offers a non-custodial service that supports over 20 wallets, does not require KYC, and integrates hundreds of DeFi protocols in a single user-friendly interface.
Security and Trust: Incorporates more than 150 smart contracts on EVM chains, and has undergone rigorous security audits to ensure a trusted platform without any history of exploits.

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