Radom Overview

What is Radom?

Enables merchants and businesses to create products with embedded checkouts and payment links that accept cryptocurrency, tokens, and stablecoins with any non-custodial wallet, making it possible for subscription businesses to serve crypto users through on-chain payments.

Main Features
Radom Checkout: A pre-built, hosted payment page that offers checkout in 1 click for 200+ non-custodial crypto wallets for both recurring and one-time payments.
Invoicing: Automate your receivables by sending invoices to your customers and get paid in minutes - no code or custodian required.
Billing: Reduce churn rate with no manual signing of transactions - automate crypto charges for subscriptions by the year, month, week, and even by the day.
Integrated Payments: Build out global blockchain payments that fit your business model. Radom's highly flexible SDK and APIs are tailored to help you reduce churn and generate more revenue.
Hosted Checkout: Radom's hosted checkout is pre-built and optimized to increase conversion rates. It supports one-time payments and recurring subscriptions, providing a seamless checkout experience for customers.

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