NFTfi Overview

What is NFTfi?

NFTfi is a platform that enables the financialization of NFTs and digital currencies by providing a market for NFT collateralized loans. Platform sectors include NFT fractionalization, NFT renting, NFT derivatives, and lending/borrowing NFTs. Lenders can make loan offers depending on their desired level of friendliness, acquisition, or profit.

Main Features
Collateralized Loans: NFT holders can borrow cryptocurrency by using their NFTs as collateral, while still keeping ownership of their NFTs.
No Auto-Liquidations: NFTfi does not automatically liquidate NFTs used as collateral, providing borrowers with more control over their loans.
0% Borrower Fees: Borrowers on NFTfi are not charged any fees for borrowing cryptocurrency against their NFTs.
Secure Escrow Smart Contract: When borrowers accept a loan offer, their NFT goes into a secure escrow smart contract, ensuring the safety of the collateral.
Liquidity and Interest Earning: NFTfi provides liquidity to NFT holders and offers the opportunity to earn interest through lending.

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