Airswift Tech Overview

What is Airswift Tech?

Airswift's decentralized payment gateway for businesses around the globe. Supports Web 3.0 payments using liquidity pool system for lower transaction fees and investment opportunities. Merchants can avoid custodian risk and get privacy protection through decentralization and VC/DID, ZK-proof standards. E-commerce merchants can use a plugin or API to get access to Airswift's payment gateway.

Main Features
Easy integration: Airswift's decentralized payment gateway is amazingly easy to integrate, allowing merchants to start accepting payments right away.
Significant reduction of transaction fees: Airswift's liquidity pool solution minimizes gas fees, enabling the app to offer the most competitive fees in the market.
Easy reconciliation with unique QR codes: Each transaction generates a unique QR code, simplifying reconciliation and return-handling for merchants.
Built-in exchange system: Airswift allows merchants to receive payments in one crypto type and exchange them for their preferred crypto type with minimal fees.
Safe and secure: The Airswift team has over 10 years of experience in payment gateway solutions and enterprise-level financial infrastructure for crypto payments, ensuring the safety of funds.

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